About Me!


I’m Dannielle! I’m a High School Special Education English Teacher, Licensed Clinical Professional Therapist, Book Lover, Sneaker Lover, Food Lover, Football Lover, & High School Football Coach’s Wife, A Daughter, An Oldest Sister, A First Grandchild, an Overachiever …among other things…LOL!

Brief Backstory…The Mr. (Mr. Williams that is…aka Coach) & I met in 2010 at work…LOL. We became fast friends…and Fast Forward to 2018 we became “Williams Party of 2”. I’m from NJ he’s a Born & Bred Baltimorean. I’m a Cowboys Fan…He Loves the Bucs…I’m an Aries…He’s a Cancer…and the list goes on.

I often happen upon blogs that support new moms, new teachers, and new everything else, except NEW WIVES. Sooo…how the heck do you know if you’re doing the “wife” thing right?! This was the thought process that birthed the page you’ve happened upon. What you’ll find here is my experiences in the life of a Wife…Am I doing it right?…Let’s find out together.