6 Months Down…Forever to Go!

6 whole months...Sheesh! 184 days whole days?! I've been a Mrs. for 1/2 a year now and I'm still floating...It's crazy!!!. I'm still a giggly, googly-eyed girl with a crush on an adorable boy who gave me his heart and his last name to seal the deal. I checked in on 100 days in, but… Continue reading 6 Months Down…Forever to Go!

Are you “Comfortable”…Orrr is this just “Familiar”?

I'll be the first to reluctantly say...I've made more questionable decisions than I'll ever readily admit, based on "Familiarity" rather than "Comfort". Often times we make major decisions based on how they feel at the moment while not entertaining the long-term implications as it relates to comfort. Going where you SHOULD go is often harder… Continue reading Are you “Comfortable”…Orrr is this just “Familiar”?