100 Days in…Forever to Go!


100 whole days since I was sworn in to the Williams administration and I must say…it’s been a dream. This time (10:00 am) on July 15, 2018, the madness was about to begin, Trust me when I say…minor mayhem ensued, to say the least…that day was a whirlwind (we’ll save that for another post…wheew chile).  But it was the best day of the beginning of the best days of my life!!! 

When the smoke cleared (don’t know if that was the steam coming from my ears *that will be explained in the later post mentioned above…lol* – or the cloud I was floating on) I was the proud owner of a shiny new husband, with papers to prove it! I couldn’t believe it…we really made it…let the adventures begin!

Since we’ve tied the knot, the questions I get most often are “How’s Married Life?” and “Do You Feel Any Different?“. The first few times I was asked, I never really had an answer, it was freaking me out a little little bit…and I’m thinking “Am I doing this right?” (hence the title of the blog…lol).  But as the days progress and I’ve had a little time to soak it all in…Here’s what I’ve got so far:

How’s Married Life?

  1. Married life for me is great!!! I get to plan my life with my Best Friend.  Sounds cliche’ but he really is my best friend! Cereal Dates, Marshall’s Runs, Saturday DVR marathons, inside jokes, You mean I get to keep it all!?
  2. Married life is definitely a mental shift. The reality that I was going to be someone’s forever was a little startling at first…but once I settled into it…It became kinda comforting…I’m alll in..fired up and ready to go! 
  3. Married life is an uncovering of sorts. I feel less guilty about expecting the Mr. to take care of me emotionally…he has always made an effort…but some days I intentionally kept feelings of doubt or insecurity to myself bc I didn’t want to overwhelm him. I am a little more open when I’m feeling “down” now and letting him in helps a lot. 

Do You Feel Any Different?

  1. I feel…”safe”…That’s the best way to describe it.  Trust me when I say…I’ve been through my share of shenanigans and foolishness…(I’ll share some of that when appropriate). In addition to the Mr. being tall and cuddly and making me feel physically safe…I am confident I can be my full conflictual self in ALLLL its glory and he’ll love me just the same (maybe not always like me…but love me…lol) 
  2. I feel like I have waaaaay more responsibilities…It’s probably all in my head…but I feel like every decision I make has to be considered in the scope of “How will this affect us both?” Some days that’s immense pressure…not the scary kind…but more like “Don’t do anything impulsive genius”…lol. (*Fun fact*…I’m an Aries so not being impulsive is waaaay hard
  3. I feel like I finally “got it right”…I never gave up on love but I wasn’t 100% convinced that a husband and wifedom was in the deck for me.  I had an annoying knack for choosing a$$hats for significant others and there were days when the Mr. made me believe he was reprising the role…LOL (Yikes!! sorry babe). But the journey to this destination proves that the Big Man Upstairs had his hand on this the whooole time. 

Will these answers change 200 days in…365 in…5 years in…?  I’m absolutely positive they will and I’m geared up for the journey.  Hopefully, you guys will stick it out with me and we’ll ride this roller coaster together.  For those of you still holding out hope, on your way down the aisle, living single and fancy free, or all the stages in between…Hang in there with me too. There will be a little bit of everything for everyone from my viewpoint in —My Life as the Wyfe 

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