In order to BREAK generational curses…someone has to get “BROKEN”

In the midst of an unexpected, anger fueled, emotional tirade Mr. uttered something that stopped me in my tracks, paused my tears, and put a momentary "pin" in my anger...

I don’t have all the answers buuuuut…I know a thing or three

Hey Y'all! As usual...I'm dropping in unexpectedly. I swear I want to get more consistent with posting...I have tons to talk about...My schedule is just waaaaaay disrespectful. School just started, it's football wife season, my therapy clients need my attention, and I've been doing some additional work as well as a PRP director (Laaawwwd...Mama is… Continue reading I don’t have all the answers buuuuut…I know a thing or three

And just like that…1 YEAR IN! #TimeFlewandWereHavingFun

Heeey Y'all!!!! I hope this Monday finds you with at least one reason to smile! I know I have one and I'm soooo excited...It's my 1 year ANNIVERSARY! 1 year to the day I married my absolute biggest cheerleader and greatest light at the end of the tunnel and my silver headache… Continue reading And just like that…1 YEAR IN! #TimeFlewandWereHavingFun

If you’re happy and you know it!!! *9 months in*

Hi Y'all! Long time no check in hunh?! Blame my head not my schedule has been several kinds of disrespectful lately...but it's finally leveling out a little, so here I am. I'll get it together...I promise. Since I've last checked in I've turned 40, gained 5 pounds, drifted away from some folks, and gotten… Continue reading If you’re happy and you know it!!! *9 months in*

6 Months Down…Forever to Go!

6 whole months...Sheesh! 184 days whole days?! I've been a Mrs. for 1/2 a year now and I'm still floating...It's crazy!!!. I'm still a giggly, googly-eyed girl with a crush on an adorable boy who gave me his heart and his last name to seal the deal. I checked in on 100 days in, but… Continue reading 6 Months Down…Forever to Go!

Are you “Comfortable”…Orrr is this just “Familiar”?

I'll be the first to reluctantly say...I've made more questionable decisions than I'll ever readily admit, based on "Familiarity" rather than "Comfort". Often times we make major decisions based on how they feel at the moment while not entertaining the long-term implications as it relates to comfort. Going where you SHOULD go is often harder… Continue reading Are you “Comfortable”…Orrr is this just “Familiar”?

Holy Hell…It’s Time for “Happy Holidays”'s that time again...aaand yay (insert sarcasm here) it's THAT time again.  It's time for pie prepping, turkey carving, carol singing, and bell ringing...this a joyous time indeed! Kid's are smiling, money's flying, bows are tying...holidays are here!   The start of the holiday season fills me with childlike glee! Buuut...(Self-disclosure time...Yippee Frickin Skippee) every year,… Continue reading Holy Hell…It’s Time for “Happy Holidays”

Serving my feelings…

You  may ask...what exactly does it mean to "Serve Your Feelings"? Welp...I'm no expert but here's an abridged, personally curated version...It essentially means... Responding to an emotional trigger in a manner that only validates how you feel and what you think; not considering any other parties involved, potential consequences of your response, or room for… Continue reading Serving my feelings…