Mrs. Williams…

“A wise girl knows her limits, a smart girl knows that she has none.”

― Marilyn Monroe


Who is she you ask?…Hmmmmm…where to begin? At the beginning is too far, too soon (we’ll get to the beginning before the “Whyfe” at some point) and at the end…well I’m not there yet sooooo…I’ll start smack dab in the middle of today.

She…rather I…am Dannielle C. Williams Inc.. (lol)…No really Inc…

I am a Full-Time High School English Teacher (pray for me); a part-time Mental Health, Family, and Relationship Therapist (pray some more); New Wife; Coach’s Wife (pray again); Older Sister (of 8); Grandchild, Niece, Cousin, Friend, and Now Blogger…whew!

I’ve always loved telling, reading, and hearing stories, and writing has come naturally to me since elementary school…so I guess this blog is a natural progression of a lot of my little loves into a new one.  I’m new to this so bear with me and hopefully, we can laugh, learn, and love each other through days when a little smile, wink, hug, or pat on the back is needed.

Talk To You Soon…First Blog Post Soon To Come… 😉

#mylifeasthewyfe #coachwife #footballwife #teacherwife #maddenwife #newwife

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