I now pronounce you Coach & Wife…


It’s the middle of October and officially Fall…The leaves are changing…the air is a little crisp…I can happily hop into my Uggs…and my annual inauguration to borderline insanity is in full swing!

The “Wife” thing…I’m pretty new at…97 days in to be exact….but this football spouse thing…I’ve been at for significantly longer and boy has it been a ride thus far.  Football invades every area of my life from about July to February (yay me!) and I’m smack dab in the middle of my season as we speak. I’m essentially the mad-hatter of football spouses…Emphasis on the “Mad” (crazy “mad” not “angry”…usually)…and the many hats require many “Me’s”

Let’s see…there’s:

The Coach’s Wife: The Mr. coaches High School Football (JV Head Coach)

The Madden Wife: The Mr. is an avid PS4 Madden NFL Gamer…(avid makes its sound really harmless and more like a cool hobby but ummmm…not quite) 

The NFL/College/Little Tike Football Fan Wife: The Mr. insists on consuming EVERY form of football that is televised & we have NFL Sunday Ticket…so help me Sweet Baby Jesus

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m a fan…I’ve been a loyal Dallas Cowboys fan for 31 years (spare me the boos and sideyes…lol). However, to say that being married to a coach, a ps4 Madden Junkie, and a fan, makes me teeter on the verge being a little batsh*t nutty…is an understatement. 

There’s the weekday practices that don’t send him home until 8-8:30 pm, only to arrive on the telephone talking to any assortment of coaches and players for another 40 minutes about more football stuff; a quick smooch and record paced rundown of my day (no worries I talk fast…I’m from Jersey) and his, over dinner. 

Then comes Madden (yippee skippee)…Again…I don’t wanna make it sound all bad…I grew up in a house with video games so gaming doesn’t infuriate me like some wives. Buuuuut…He and his childhood friends proceed to put on headsets and play in their own league and chat, yell, and “boy argue” (more like loud disagreeing) about more football for about 2-3 more hours (Jesus be a fence). 

Aaaand Cue Thursday – Monday…(Thursday) JV Football Game from 6-8:30 and then home to watch Thursday Night Football…(Friday) Varsity Football Game from (6-8:30) forgot to mention he’s a Varsity Assistant Coach too;…(Saturday) College Football ALLLLLLL Day unless I drag him out of the house (willingly of course), (Sunday)…Are You Ready for Some Footballlllll…Monday Night Football and the cycle continues. Lawdamercy

I love my Hubby Coach…I swear I do…and his high school players steal my heart every year. I was a cheerleader as a kid and a teenager so I love the games… I go happily every game and cheer them on from the gate ( I refuse to sit in the stands…but that’s a whole separate post…lol). Buuuuut, I’d be a big fat fibber if I didn’t say that there’s a slight relief and a little reprieve when high school football season tapers off and all that’s left is NFL and him yelling at the freakishly real players on Madden…I’ll get to snuggle him a little longer, “wife annoy” him a little more, and stand out in the cold a little less.  Any significant other’s who can relate…hang in there! You’re not alone!! And I won’t complain…after all…This is

-My Life as the Wyfe 

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