If you’re happy and you know it!!! *9 months in*

Hi Y’all! Long time no check in hunh?! Blame my head not my heart…my schedule has been several kinds of disrespectful lately…but it’s finally leveling out a little, so here I am. I’ll get it together…I promise. Since I’ve last checked in I’ve turned 40, gained 5 pounds, drifted away from some folks, and gotten closer to others, and I’m smiling through it all.

Anywhooo…Today is April 15th and me and the Mr. have officially been married for 9 months! 9 months?!…Sheesh! Time is flying…guess it does when you’re having fun…and boy are we!!!! He makes me smile till my face hurts, laugh till my stomach hurts, love till my heart hurts, and pray till my faith hurts. I knew that marriage would be an adventure, and I’ve always been up for a good one, and with the life partner I was gifted to take on this adventure, I’m experiencing levels of happy I thought impossible. I find it uplifts some and makes others bristle, but anybody that knows me knows that people’s thoughts and opinions don’t often matter much to me (it’s a blessing and a curse). I guess it’s an Aries thing…and it’s definitely a 40 thing…LOL! In this world (tangible and the evolving universe of social media) happy seems to be in short supply so I’m going bask in it whenever it’s available.

Happy is a noun, verb, and an adjective; it’s a currency; it’s a choice; it’s a lifestyle. Happy is a hopegiver, a lightbringer, a heartringer…and FRANKLY this miseable @$$ world needs to see more of it. I’ve earned my happy, I’ve paid hella dues, and I’m not hiding, minimizing, or watering it down for ANYBODY…hear me?!…ANY-BO-DY! In the pockets of time that I was severely unhappy, I thrived on seeing others happy around me. It gave me hope that my situation could improve as well; it encouraged me to not stay suspended in that specific space and time, but trust that things should, could, and would get better. Once it did get better, I committed to making sure my appreciation for happiness was in full on view. So here’s a suggestion…

  • Intentionally seek things that bring “happy”…colors, music, people, places, food, clothes, shoes, books, movies, poems, whatever.
  • Intentionally shun things that support misery…people, places, posts, pages, blogs, and any other unnecessary BS.
  • Unfollow people (family included) (on social media and in real life) that make you second guess “You”. I don’t mean the healthy, “she makes me want to level up” second guess, I mean the pages/people that only highlight how much better than everyone and everything they are, the pages and posers…oops I meant posters, that multiply your insecurities
  • Empower yourself in small ways daily…download a daily affirmation app, set small daily goals that you can accomplish , seek goals and affirmations that challenge but not discourage you
  • Don’t apologize to people that you outgrow; everyone can’t go to the destination created for your individual brilliance
  • Encourage others, compliment someone, smile at a stranger…Happy is infectious
  • Don’t make mental excuses to stay planted in soil that isn’t fruitful, “New roots grow new fruit”…be that a job, a relationship, a social group (online or real life), a home, etc
  • GO FOR IT! whatever “It” is…fail forward, fall favorably, take chances!

While these suggestions may seem simple, and some out of your comfort zone, they are all small steps toward large rewards. I’ve tried them all and continue to practice these as often as possible to maintain my sanity, perfect my peace, and hone my happy….and honeeeey I’m having a blast!!! I’ll check in soon, and I hope to find you guys seeking sunshine literally and figuratively…until then…hunt your happy!

~My Life as the Wyfe~

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