And just like that…1 YEAR IN! #TimeFlewandWereHavingFun

Heeey Y’all!!!! I hope this Monday finds you with at least one reason to smile! I know I have one and I’m soooo excited…It’s my 1 year ANNIVERSARY!

1 year to the day I married my absolute BFF…my biggest cheerleader and greatest challenger…my light at the end of the tunnel and my silver lining…my headache and my heartbeat… and My my what a year it has been.

For those of you who have have sent us well wishes and Happy Anniversary’s…I thank you kindly. For those of you who shared that manic and magical day with us…I love you dearly. This journey to forever has been one for the books and this chapter has been the best yet!

This time last year I was pacing a hotel room, BOO HOOING on the phone with the Mr. because my seamstress was M.I.A. with the remainder of my bridesmaids dresses (coming from New Jersey mind you…phone on do not disturb and already 2 hours late from the time I asked her to be there); my Fenty foundation was nowhere to be found; my feet were swollen; it was beginning to drizzle; there was a frenzy of activity going on around me and I could not get my life together! I was angry, stressed out, sweating, and trying to stay calm as my hubby-to-be did his very best to soothe me through the phone; My cousin and BFF’s were trying to problem solve; my mom was trying not to stress while watching me stress; my Nana was trying her best to stay level to keep me sane; my sister was trying to manage my baby niece’s newly acquired nose bleed; my stepdad dropped a bomb that he wasn’t going to make it; the venue was giving my decor team the blues about setting up too early; the party rental place sent the wrong alter chuppah, and the countdown was on…Honeeeeey, I and it was…A MESS!

LOL…sounds like a disaster I know…and a beautiful disaster it turned out to be! $500, 1 hour and 45 minutes after the scheduled start time, and a brief rainstorm later it was GO TIME…and I couldn’t wait. The ceremony turned out beautiful, I don’t think there was a dry eye in the house, and my heart exploded 10xs as our friend and officiant J.R. announced Mr. & Mrs. Philip Emmett Williams the 3rd!

Fast forward 365 days later and I’m a happy, married, lady with some newly acquired wisdom, a new appreciation for the astounding gift that love is, and a village of friends and family that are making this journey as memorable as our wedding day. While I don’t know it all and have much more to learn…I’ve picked up some poignant pointers along the way. So here goes…

  • For those of you waiting on your day….be patient, be persistent, be ready. Planning and executing a wedding is noooo joke…I would be absolutely OK if I never saw another flower, seat arrangement, or wedding favor again (LawdaMercyChileJesus)!
  • For those of you who think your day will never come…trust me when I say my road to wedded bliss is FAAAAR from traditional (that’s a whole seperate blog post series…stay tuned)…but I made it once I got out of my own way and stopped trying to control my destiny and lived in my day-to-day.
  • For those of you fighting to recapture the fuzzy feelings I write about…Communication with a Commitment to Comprehension is KEY! Anybody that knows me and/or Phil knows that we talk A LOT as individuals…but as a couple…that characteristic has been so essential to our success over the years and in our everyday now.
  • In your relationship…Talk to listen, understand, and comprehend your partners thoughts and feelings …not respond or defend. When addessing an issue…Look for roads to resolution not just make a point…or win the argument.
  • Choose your battles. The small stuff doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things.
  • Forgiving does not necessitate forgetting…but does require committing to forge ahead.
  • Allow others to help…a village is necessary to build a lifetime…our village is awesome…and growing. Make sure you have people around you that you can be your absolute unedited self with. Make sure you have people around you who aren’t hesitant to tell you the truth. Make sure you have people around you that you can comfortably tell the whole unedited story so you can get genuine insight and input.
  • Maintain your own separate circle of friends (make sure your spouse at least knows of them though…out of respect) and hang out with them…lunch…dinner…just to catch up and to stay in touch with reality. The marriage “bubble” is really a thing and it’s healthy to have outside access.
  • HAVE FUN! It sounds so simple but is so necessary. Date each other…laugh at each other…buy small gifts “just because”….send cute text messages and memes throughout the day…flirt with each other…LIGHTEN UP!

Ok…I’m off to spend the day with my BooBear and celebrate our 1 year in and forever to go! I love you guys and will check in soon…until then…this is


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